This is a great place where you can experience the South Caribbean side while you learn Spanish. We offer you a quiet place to stay and study, surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden and some nature visitors like sloths, monkeys, colorful birds, humming birds, basilisk lizards, frogs, and incredible insects.

Our courses are custom designed in order to fit your special needs and requirements, this is why we do a previous examination to know what level you are in. We offer classes with personalize attention, so we teach individually or in very small groups. As an additional learning experience, we offer volunteering opportunities to help around the area, and depending on your skills.


We are professional language teachers with many years of experience in the field, which is why we are the best to recommend and give you exactly what you need in order to learn or improve your Spanish… and have some fun at it as well! We are able to teach for any level: beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced speakers.

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Each person has a different way of learning, so in Carisur we offer customized learning options for any of the levels described before:

  1. Individual or small group classes where you have the proper environment and the correct method (textbook) to facilitate the development and improvement of the four basic skills in language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  2. Half-and-half. For others, the classroom is only a place where, with the assistance of a teacher, you plan, correct any mistakes and prepare yourself to go outside and experience learning the language in direct contact with the local people. This way you have part of the process inside the classroom to get all the grammar information first (read and write), and then listen and practice outside the classroom in the exotic South Caribbean side of Costa Rica.
  3. Class and Volunteering. Maybe you want to try something different and combine class time (depending on your morning or afternoon schedule) with a volunteering experience that gives you great opportunities to practice the language, learn about the area and help out.

So, how would you like to learn?

The important thing is that if you’re determined, no one can stop you!!!


We offer different types of courses at any level of proficiency: intensive, regular and for special requirements

Intensive: is a four-hour class, with various activities to practice using what you are learning.

Regular: in this course you will be using a text book with different topics and subjects which depending on your level. Time: 10 or 15 hours a week.

Special: is a two-hour class (minimum). It is designed when you want to practice or improve any abilities: reading, writing, conversation, listening or pronunciation.

List of Textbooks:

  • Caminos 1 – 2 by Klett
  • Perspectivas 1 by Cornelsen
  • Gente 2- 3 by Klett-Difusion
  • Nuevo Ven 1,2,3 by Edelsa
  • Prisma comienza (1) by Edi-Numen
  • El Nuevo curso 1-2 by Langenscheidt
  • Mirada (1) by Hueber
  • Dicho y Hecho -beginning Spanish- by John Wiley & Son
  • Visto Bueno (2) by Hueber
  • Colegas 1 (business book) by Klett
  • El ventilador (superior level) by Difusion
  • Pasaporte A1 by Edelsa
  • Dominio, Curso de perfeccionamiento (nivel avanzado) by Edelsa
  • Aula internacional (A) 1,2,(B) 3,4 by Difusion
  • Colección paso a paso, El Subjuntivo 1 by Edinumen
  • B inicial Dele, preparación para el diploma de Español nivel inicial B1 by Edelsa
  • Juegos Comunicativos, Español lengua extranjera by Ediciones SM
  • Tácticas de Conversación, Español lengua extranjera by Ediciones SM
  • Repase y Escriba, curso avanzado de gramática y conversación by Wiley
  • Rápido, curso intensivo de español by Difusión